That time we went to the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Peru... by Jason Ebelheiser

Almost forgot I had these pics from my Go Pro, no sense in them collecting digital dust. This was an incredible trip with MSP Films and Alpenglow Expeditions! Myself, James Heim, Sam Anthamatten, Adrian Ballinger, Scott Gaffney and Canyon Florey.

From June 20th to July 5th, 2013:
Montrose to Denver to Houston to Lima
Lima to Huaraz
Huaraz to Cashapampa
Hike to BASE camp @ 14,000ft
Hike to Morraine camp @ 16,000ft
Hike to Col camp @ 18,000ft
Hike back to BASE camp
Trusty steeds back to Cashapampa for celebratory meal, including guinea pig
Back to Huaraz for pisco sours and a wicked hangover (possibly more sore from dancing then all the hiking)
Huaraz to Lima, Strike going on in Barranca, road closed for 4hrs (burning tires, debris, fires)
Back to Crested Butte....awesome...

Be sure to check out the footage we got in the Peru segment of this years Matchstick movie Days of my Youth! Can be found at

Peru June 2013

Closing out the trout fishing season with an epic day! by Jason Ebelheiser

One of my favorite things to do is go trout fishing, October 15th was closing day of trout season for the majority of New York State and it was amazing! Myself and Adam Sowul were blessed with fish on all day....and some of the biggest trout in the smallest water I've ever seen and caught. (Adam caught more....) Here's some pics from our day, hope ya enjoy!

The Great BASE trip! by Jason Ebelheiser

Just got back from an epic trip to Twin Falls, Idaho where myself and two others took Sean Chumas FJC (First Jump Course). We learned the basics and fundamentals of BASE jumping while having a blast! Got 26 jumps off the Perrine bridge in 6 days! Cant wait to go back!

Sean is the man and has an amazing course, check him out!

Working on the video now, check back later for the finished edit!

Personal favorites I've taken over the past 10 years... by Jason Ebelheiser

Hey y'all,

There comes a point when you have hundreds of thousands of photos on your hard drive that you should do some "cleaning up". After spending way too long going through photos from the past 10 years, heres my personal favorites...Hope you enjoy! 

High-Resolution files available if ya want them!                        Click to enlarge.

New site up and running! Time to go skydiving... by Jason Ebelheiser

Been working on getting this site together for awhile now and am finally happy with how it looks and runs! Squarespace is a great web building tool. I shall now treat myself by jumping out of a plane. Skydiving is insanely fun and I highly recommend you go make a skydive today because you don't know what may happen tomorrow….and ya know….it just may change your life.